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Our Leadership

Stephen MacCormack

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen knew from the very young age of 10 that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and build a career within the family business. Starting at age 12, he began working alongside his father, performing laboring duties and other tasks. He continued as an apprentice plumber throughout high school and while attending Curry College pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. In addition to his college courses, Stephen also took evening classes to receive his Journeyman license and later his Master Plumber’s license.

Upon graduating College, Stephen started working in the field at MacCo as a plumber, however over the course of the next 9 years moved up to Foreman, Project Manager, Chief Operating Officer and in 2013 began his current role as Chief Executive Officer.

One of the many aspects of the trade which Stephen enjoys most is being involved in large-scale redevelopment projects in and around the Boston/Metro-West area. Watching a vision move from an idea to blueprint and different concepts coming together brings Stephen much gratification. In many cases, this results in an otherwise undesirable area being transformed into a state-of-the-art facility.

Stephen has the pleasure of working each day alongside family and a handful of close friends, all whom have vital roles within the company. Stephen’s brother, Robert MacCormack Jr., established AVID Engineers, a full service MEP-FP consulting engineering firm, in 2006. MacCo Mechanical and Avid Engineers collaborate on many projects, allowing a synergy which creates the opportunity for a varied portfolio of work and diverse problem resolution. This allows for a high level of efficiency and client satisfaction. One of Stephen’s closest childhood friends, Michael Caron, also has pursued a similar path as Stephen and is currently Chief Operating Officer of MacCo. The opportunity to work together to create growth within the company, pursue future endeavors, all while providing for each other’s families, is a tremendous gift.

Stephens’s passion for his work, commitment to his company and community, as well as the love of his family and friends, shines through in all his works. Married to his high school sweetheart Jessica for nearly 15 years, they have four beautiful children. Stephen can be found most nights volunteering for one of the many organizations he participates in. An avid sports fan, coaching lacrosse, football, basketball and baseball are just a few of the activities he gives his time to. Stephen has completed multiple Boston Marathons, with possibility of a few more to come.

Stephen shows extreme dedication for continuing to shape and develop MacCo Plumbing-Mechanical into the most sought after Mechanical Contracting Firm in New England. He takes great pride in carrying on his father’s legacy and to perhaps one day pass the reins onto his own children.

http://x-tige.com/designers/georgine-invitation-fw12/ Licenses:

  • MA/NH Master Plumber
  • MA/NH Journeyman
  • MA Master Pipe Fitter
  • NH Master Gas Fitter
  • MA Master Sheet Metal
  • NH Mechanical
  • OSHA Certified

Narsingdi Organizations:

  • Vistage Worldwide
  • Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
  • Chelmsford Pop Warner – Board of Directors-Vice President
  • Chelmsford Youth Basketball – Board of Directors

Michael Caron

Chief Operating Officer

Michael started with the company directly out of high school as a laborer. At the time, MacCo was a family business in every sense of the terminology; staffing about 10 employees. Through a simplified approach, Michael began to learn many of life’s major lessons through this position. He learned that hard work, together with determination and thoroughness, would be key to establishing himself within the industry. Michael was also very fortunate to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with Bob and Doug MacCormack during his beginning years. They instilled many great traits into Michael that were beneficial both on and off of the jobsite.

As Michael gained critical industry experience through his apprenticeship, he obtained his Journeyman Plumbers license. With the company beginning to expand, Michael began to take on more of a leadership role on the jobsites, becoming a Project Foreman. With this, Michael began spearheading all of the everyday tasks that it takes to run a project from day-to-day; managing manpower, coordination, materials and production while reporting directly to MacCo’s ownership. This experience honed Michael’s communication skills with our customers and also showed the importance of being able to plan ahead through forecasting.

Before long, while MacCo continued to grow, Michael had begun to transition into the administrative side of the company. He began reaching out to new prospective clients to develop new business and broaden MacCo’s customer base. Contractors and Developers were very receptive to Michael’s knowledge of the trades and abilities to provide comprehensive Estimates and Pre-Construction services. Before long, Michael was solely responsible for procuring all of the company’s workload. Through this time period, Michael was able to assist many projects with Conceptual Budgeting, Value Engineering and Enhancement, Rebate Initiation and Permitting. It became quickly apparent, that due to Michael’s many successful conquests, that MacCo’s Pre-Construction Team would need to increase in order to service our growing list of new and returning clients.

In 2013, Michael was selected to serve in the role of Chief Operating Officer. In this capacity, Michael would be meticulously involved in all aspects of the company’s performance. While maintaining a specific focus on Pre-Construction, Michael would now be increasingly involved in the company’s daily operations, both in the field as well as in the office. Through the following years, as MacCo continued to successfully expand, Michael was responsible for developing and implementing policies which allowed for strategic success and advancement. Through Michael’s leadership, he is responsible for providing oversight for planning and execution, safety, employee staffing, customer relations, as well as keeping the company current with innovative policies and practices; all of which are paramount in order to uphold MacCo’s longstanding strong reputation. Incorporating progressive procedures into our original “family-business” outlook allows MacCo to continue the tradition in which the company was built upon.

When not at work, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Michael and his family enjoy vacationing to Florida or simply spending the day at the park or playing in the yard. Michael has the unique experience of being surrounded by family and friends even while at work. Michael and Stephen forged a deep friendship while still wearing diapers and continue to be the best of friends to this day. This is in addition to 2 other longtime friends and 3 other siblings who also work at MacCo. Michael considers himself truly fortunate to be able to work so closely with people who have such a passion for their craft and undivided quest of prosperity.


  • MA Master Plumber
  • MA Journeyman Plumber
  • MA Master Sheet Metal Worker
  • MA Master Pipe Fitter